The iVolve Series is iPhotonix's Next Gen standards-based ONT family.  This new series combines cost effective revenue generating feature sets with the broadest array of operability for Optical Line Terminals (OLT) creating new possibilities for Operators & Service Providers never offered before.



iPhotonix Software is the only hardware versatile, feature rich and most comprehensive Access System Software available in the market today.  Our  platform builds upon many years of research and development beginning in the technology labs of Siemens AG in 2003. 

Our team, which was acquired from Siemens in 2006, has world-renowned knowledge of Fiber Access Technologies spanning multiple generations in integrating TRUE Carrier Grade features delivered over a Passive Optical Network (PON).

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iPhotonix develops and markets the most advanced line of carrier class Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) products including the world's broadest independent family of ONT products to both Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Telecommunications Service Providers.

Our ONTs are used in the delivery of fiber access services that terminate the optical network at the home, business or multi-tenant locations (FTTx or Fiber-to-the-x), thus enabling broadband integrated voice, video and high-speed Internet access.

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One way of providing fiber to the home is through a Gigabit Passive Optical Network, or GPON (pronounced 'djee-pon'). GPON is a point-to-multipoint access mechanism. Its main characteristic is the use of passive splitters in the fiber distribution network, enabling one single feeding fiber from the provider's central office to serve multiple homes and small businesses.

GPON has a downstream capacity of 2.5 Gb/s and an upstream capacity of 1.25 Gbp/s that is shared among users. Encryption is used to keep each user's data secured and private from other users. Although there are other technologies that could provide fiber to the home, passive optical networks (PON’s) like GPON are generally considered the strongest candidate for widespread deployments.

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Active Ethernet

An "Active Ethernet" architecture is based on the same deployment model as fiber to the node (FTTN) with active street cabinets or Ethernet switches in the central office; it is therefore feasible as a complement or migration path towards FTTH for larger deployments in very high-speed digital subscriber line (VDSL)-dominated environments.

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Management & Monitoring

We understand that having a way to manage your network to scale to media rich services, maintain service levels and operate your network more efficiently is very important.  iPhotonix continues to pursue and pioneer ways to manage optical access technologies in ways that operators can monetize and reduce operating costs.

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Compliance & Certifications

iPhotonix is always pursuing ways to further our technology's accessibility, reliability and compliance to supply Operators and PON System Suppliers with the most versatile and flexible Optical Access Technology available today.

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iPhotonix is the true pioneer in delivering highly flexible,feature rich, independent ONT solutions


RF and RF Return

MSO and Telco operators continue to look for innovative ways to bring higher-bandwidth and higher value services to their customers while leveraging their existing current network investments.  GPON is a compelling option to fulfill this challenge when combined with RF Overlay and RF Return Path Technology offered by iPhotonix.  While GPON RF Overlay solutions compatible with MSO video service offerings have been available in the market for a while, the opportunity to combine it with an innovative return path solution is now realized with the iPhotonix integrated RF-R Solution. 

iPhotonix’s proprietary Return Path technology allows operators to leverage  their traditional head-end systems and set-top boxes (STBs) in a new GPON network, while gaining dramatic increases in both upstream and downstream bandwidth performance.  Our RF Return Path technology is a key enabler for revenue streams such as Video On Demand (VOD) services and Switch Digital Video  (SDV) “long tail” traffic that continues to experience explosive growth.

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With the exponential growing demand for Network Backhaul Solutions required to manage bandwidth increases between the core network and smaller subnetworks at the "edge", iPhotonix remains a critical innovator in this space.  Our flexible PON Universal Access Software combined with our state of the art ONT Solutions provides Operators new capabilities to fulfill and thus monetize this network altering growing demand.  

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Residential Gateway

The evolution of gateways moving beyond traditional simple Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) is being driven by many factors.  The Residential Gateway is the service provider’s outreach into the home environment and a point in the network that directly interacts with the customer. The iPhotonix GSX 100 Universal Access w/Gateway Software provides a smart Residential Gateway solutions that enables unique services and functionality, important for service providers trying to create the much-needed “stickiness” factor that will keep customers from going to the competition. 

Our advanced software provides, Wi-Fi, HPNA, Security, VoIP, Quality of Service (QoS), remote management, and other advanced functionalities that are required to enable advanced Quad Play services.  The GSX 100 Universal Access w/ Gateway Software brings to market the most comprehensive set of interfaces and features needed for today’s Quad Play Services.  Our Universal Access w/Gateway software fully complies with the Broadband Forum’s TR-069 protocol which permits remote management and can be customized to suit operator’s specific functionality and service needs. 

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As carrier networks evolve, GPON systems must handle legacy traffic, such as T1 and E1 circuits. This requires a solution that is standards-based, has standard-compliant clock recovery, and can offer service for different TDM modes.  iPhotonix has long been the leader in voice services over GPON/PON.  Whether it’s traditional TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) or support for SIP, MGCP and H.248, iPhotonix continues to be leader in this space. 

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Worldwide gigabit passive optical network (GPON) deployments continue to be the dominant choice for network infrastructures today.   Hundreds of service providers across North America and Globally are deploying GPON for residential and business applications.  Service Providers that are adopting the technology include independent telephone companies, competitive local exchange carriers (CLEC’s), municipalities and – a most recent trend – Cable Operators.  

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The iPhotonix Universal Access Software & Hardware (ONTs) offers gigabit services at distances of up to 20 km from the core switch/router reducing cost, complexity and operational requirements for legacy data networking technologies.   This combined with our Video expertise and robust product suite makes transitioning your IT requirements to optical solutions a reality.  Our ONTs/ SFPs can support stationary Ethernet-based systems, such as end user devices, bluetooth enabled devices, access points and wireless controllers, application servers,  printers & more.  We also excel in powering options with our patent pending Ethernet Powered ONTs that dramatically streamline & reduce powering requirements for Optical LANs.

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Our objective is to enhance our GPON System Partner's success by becoming their preferred provider of Optical AccessSolutions and Software Services.


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iPhotonix, LLC is a Richardson, Texas based technology company primarily focused on the telecommunications access market. Over the past five years, iPhotonix has been a pioneer in the design, development and manufacturing of high quality, carrier class, multi-vendor, optical network termination devices. iPhotonix develops and markets, a line of carrier class Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) products including the world's broadest independent family of Optical Network Terminals (ONT’s) to both Telecommunications Service Providers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).  Our ONTs are used in the delivery of fiber access services that terminate the optical network at the enterprises, businesses, homes and multi-tenant locations (FTTx or Fiber-to-the-x), thus enabling broadband (1Gbps) integrated voice, video, video-on-demand and high-speed Internet access.


Amir Elbaz - Chief Executive Officer

Joel Z. Futterman, EE, MBA - Chief Operating Officer

Chris Ryan - Chief Financial Officer

Jeff Mulqueen - Deputy CEO and VP Sales & Business Development

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